About the Celiac, Simply

Celiac, Simply is a blog dedicated to breaking down and explaining topics around Celiac Disease. Posts are centred around history, science and technology involved with Celiac Disease and the people who live with it. 

About the Author

My name is Karena Viehbacher and I started this podcast when I realised, much to my embarrassment, that I had been incorrectly spelling my own disease wrong for who knows how long.

Discovering that  Celiac is not a person but an Ancient Greek word made me realise how little I knew about my own disease. This led to more questions and a trip to the Boston Public Library.

I'm hoping that I can bridge the gap between complex medical knowledge and public understanding. Celiac Disease sufferers have always been a strong community and I hope that this website can be a useful contribution.

 Photo: (C) 2016 Zephyr Z All Rights Reserved

Photo: (C) 2016 Zephyr Z All Rights Reserved